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Chef Stork from Chef Direct

Michael Stork

Executive Chef Michael Stork, has been influenced by his multicultural culinary background. Half Italian half Panamanian, his taste are diversified. He started cooking beside his Italian grandmother when he was just 5 years old. His love of excellent fare was honed by her skill and discipline in the kitchen.

“From age 5, I fell in love with the art and craft of preparing delicious healthy food. From an early age I knew I was meant to follow a culinary path. At age 20 I went to Le Cordon Bleu in Las Vegas, Nevada where I graduated with a degree in culinary arts.

– Michael Stork

Work Experience: Bachi Burger, Gordon Ramsey Steak, Spago, Guy Savoy

Ryan Stevens from Chef Direct

Ryan Stevens

President Of Marketing Ryan Stevens, is an entrepreneur and investor from Las Vegas, Nevada. He started his first business at the tender age of 9. By age 20 he owned a call center and begin investing in his free time. While owning the call center he begin dabbling in marketing and lead generation. At age 23 he opening his own digital marketing agency, Digital Wiz Marketing, LLC.

“I’ve always been interested in business and working for myself. Marketing is my passion, there is nothing more amazing then growing a business and positively impacting the lives of others.

– Ryan Stevens

Digital Wiz Marketing, LLC

Our Mission Statement

Chef Direct, strives to deliver a luxurious experience to the Las Vegas community. Our goal is to provide the in-dining experience the strip offers, minus the hassle that comes along with dining on the strip. Chef Direct is an absolute game changer for the food industry, providing gourmet quality cuisine direct to your front door.

Chef Direct is truly one of a kind, we provide our customers with the kind of food they enjoy. Most meal prep companies, are focused on providing food that helps their customers achieve fitness goals. Chef Direct takes a different approach, instead of creating food around fitness goals; our food is aimed to please your taste buds.

Chef Direct was created for busy professionals, executives, single moms, dads, entrepreneurs and anyone; pressed for time on a regular basis. We eliminate the worry of what’s for dinner, without compromising the quality of food; normally expected on short notice. Rest assured, knowing what you’re going to eat for the week. Chef Direct focuses on providing each customer with a convenient experience, and ensures minimal time is spent worrying about food.

Quality is one of the principles in which Chef Direct was built upon. Each featured meal is hand crafted, only using the highest quality of produce, meats, and grains available on the marketplace. All of our food is ordered from the industry’s top-rated purveyors, ensuring the highest quality of food is consistently used for each meal on our menu.

Aside from consistently using the highest quality of foods available, all meals are created by our team of world renowned Chef’s. Our Chef’s, have experience in 3 Michelin star restaurants, and have honed their craft for many years. Rest assured, knowing you’ll consistently receive a top-quality product.

Our customers are set to experience absolute deliciousness with each meal ordered. Our Chefs have experience from all over the world, meaning a variety of cultures will be exhibited on our bi-weekly changing menu. Aside from the convenience of having your food delivered direct to your front door, Chef Direct also provides each customer the opportunity to experience many different cuisines.

More times than not, customers cancel their orders, after only a few weeks of service; simply because they’re dissatisfied with the quality / variety of food. Chef Direct provides its customers with a unique experience, once a customer of Chef Direct; no meal prep company will suffice. We provide the luxury of having a personal chef at your disposal, consistently leaving your taste buds surprised and satisfied. Chef Direct aims to deliver a one of a kind service, that guarantee’s you’ll be a customer for years to come. Never, has gourmet cuisine been so convenient, say goodbye to fast food drive thrus… and hello to Chef Direct!

The wait is over, Las Vegas finally has the meal prep company it deserves; luxury is our standard.